Day 155: In His Father’s Arms


Joseph Smith was the organizer of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1830. By that time, he had already encountered many hardships, such as a debilitating infection in his leg as a child. At that time, the doctors wanted to amputate his leg, until one surgeon suggested a radical new treatment that would involve cutting open his leg and drilling into his bone. It would be a risky and excruciating process, but one that might save his leg.

His parents decided to try the operation, and the surgeon wanted to give Joseph something to deaden the pain. In those days, they did not get to have anesthesia as they do now. Instead, the doctor recommended giving Joseph whiskey.

Joseph did not think that this was right, but instead said that if his mother would leave the room and his father would hold him during the operation, he would hold still. His father, also named Joseph, held his son tight as the doctors performed the operation.

Joseph’s was saved and he went on to do great things, such as establishing what is now a worldwide church. What a blessing it must have been for Joseph to have a loving father’s arms in which he could feel safe even during the most dire of circumstances.


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