Day 152: Alma the Elder


Alma the Elder is a man spoken of in the Book of Mormon. He is first described as one of the wicked priests of an evil king. God sent a messenger to call them to repentance and though the king eventually killed this messenger, Alma the Elder believed the words that he heard. Alma repented and began to teach God’s words to other people. Eventually, he had to flee the kingdom with those who believed him, and set up a righteous land in which to live.

Alma the Elder eventually had a son of his own, who he named after himself, calling him Alma the Younger. To his dismay, Alma the Younger started following the path of wickedness, going so far as to urging others to join him in his unbelief. He mocked those who believed in God and generally caused trouble throughout the kingdom.

The account records that his father prayed for a long time for his son’s heart to be softened.

One day, as Alma the Younger was walking about, an angel appeared to him and called him with a voice like thunder to repentance. Alma the Younger was so struck by this experience that he fainted and slept for three days without awakening. When he awoke, he was a changed man, and devoted himself instead to missionary work.

Alma the Elder had Faith both in God and his son. He knew what the journey from wickedness to righteousness looked like and that it likely would take time. He knew that it was possible to have a change of heart, but he also knew that sometimes the change of heart can only come with God’s help. He did whatever he could, and then trusted in the Lord to make up the difference.


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