Day 149: Developing Green Thumbs


These days, during the reign of supermarkets, it’s likely your kids have never tried fresh produce from the garden. Have good tasting, nutritious food is not only benefit of having a garden. Like taking care of a pet, tending a garden is an exercise in teaching responsibility. The garden needs to be watered, weeded, tended and harvested. Neglecting any of these steps can cause your garden to fail.

Growing up, when we finally had a house with a large enough yard, we planted a small garden in the backyard. My parents researched what kinds of vegetables grow best in our climate and we planted a variety of things from zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins, to watermelon.

One nice thing about having a big family is that there were many hands do the work. During the growing season, we would take turns tending the garden, everyone pitching in how they could. The younger children could even contribute by pulling weeds. This brought our family together in a common cause and we all looked forward to the fruits of our labors. When we were done, my mom would make the most incredible homemade salsa with fresh cilantro that made all the hours of weeding and watering worth it.

Here are a few resources on starting a garden it might be helpful to you:


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