Day 142: Planning a Game Night


My brothers and I love video games, though we’ll spring for a good board or card game. Over the years, our parents accrued quite a collection and there were entire closets and drawers stuffed full of various games from classic to novel.

One of the nice things about a board game is that it brings everyone together in a relaxed setting. You are then able to talk to each other while playing the game.

You might want to set a specific night in the month or the week in which you have a game night, so it is something that can look forward to. I remember on Sunday evenings after the younger children and went to bed, my parents let the older children stay up later and play card games with them. We often played the card game Rook and had a good time, feeling like we were in some sort of exclusive club because we got to stay up late to play games.

One thing that you need to watch out for is getting overly competitive. If you started this tradition young, it is a good idea to instill in your children to focus on having fun spending time as a family, rather than crushing your opponents. We have had a few games spoiled by some of that, or even the temptation to flip over the board in anger and storm off. No matter how frustrating it gets, it really is just a game.

There are many games that are easy and fun to play with the entire family. Here’s a list of places where you can go by board games and some of my recommendations:

Game Buying Sites:

My Recommended Games:

Settlers of Catan


Miles Bournes

Skip Bo




Phase 10

7 Wonders

Ticket to Ride



Apples to Apples


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