Day 138: Lehi, Patient Father


Lehi was a Jewish man who is spoken of in the Book of Mormon. He lived in Jerusalem around 600 BC. This corresponds to about the time of the prophet Jeremiah in the Bible. At that time, the people of Jerusalem had become wicked and so the Lord sent his servants to go call them to repentance. Lehi raised his voice and received constant threats to his life because of it.

While he was pondering what to do, God came to Lehi in a dream and instructed him to leave his home with his family to travel into the wilderness. God promised him that he would lead Lehi into a land of promise where they all could settle peacefully. Lehi trusted the Lord and made the difficult journey out into the wilderness with his family. Although it took many years for the Lord’s promised to be fulfilled, Lehi’s family eventually settled in the Promised Land, where they would be free from their enemies and the Babylonian captivity that would soon come to Jerusalem.

If we are in tune with God, he will sometimes ask us to do difficult things, without giving us all of the reasons why. From the text of the Book of Mormon, it appears that Lehi was a wealthy man who had a nice house with many find possessions. He had to give all of these up in order to follow the Lord’s command. Lehi, however, showed where his true priorities were: his God and his family. By following this difficult commandment, he was blessed and preserved his family from being taken captive into Babylon.


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