Day 137: The Love of a Parent

We never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves. – Henry Ward Beecher

2013-04-12 11.34.05

When I was growing up, I always knew that my parents loved me. They were the kind of parents that right out and told me quite often. They were both affectionate and showed it. They also worked hard for us children and provided us nice things with memorable experiences and with words of encouragement. All of these things together combined to let me know that my parents really did love me. This was a wonderful gift as I grew up.

I did not, however, fully understand. I became a father at a relatively young age, and when I saw my little son the first time, a lot of things became clear.

I knew not just that my parents loved me, but I also knew why and how deep. I felt that my son was a true gift from  our Heavenly Father who gave my wife and me the ability to bring this little person in the world. He was literally a part of me given new life. Not only did I feel like this little boy’s existence was a miracle, but also that the depth of the love that I felt for him was miraculous.

Now I am doing all that I can show my sons that I love them much in the same ways that my parents showed me. Someday, however, I hope that they too will understand why it is I love them just how deeply.


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