Day 135: Time Capsule

The time capsule is the ultimate in delayed gratification. Many of them aren’t opened for five, ten or even 20 years or longer. But the effect we are truly amazing. They capture a snapshot in time and make it apparent just how much changes over the years and how some things never do.

Different community groups, school groups and businesses create time capsules, but growing up we also created one for our family. We made it a 10-year time capsule, and put all sorts of things in it. The first things were photos, one that had been taken recently and showed us at the age we were at the time capsule was placed.

Next, we each wrote a letter to ourselves in 10 years, guessing what our life would be like then and adding anything else I might find interesting. I remember I included some advice to my future self. Looks got a funny looking back on it now.

Finally, we included newspaper articles and other things that matched the time. There was even a sheet that put listed all the prices of what basic things like milk and gasoline cost at the time. It almost brings me to tears how cheap gas was back then.


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