Day 134: The Humility of Joseph


We learn from the Scriptures that Joseph, the earthly guardian of Jesus Christ, went to great lengths to serve his family and never gave up on them.

An excellent example of this occurred after he and his wife arrived in Bethlehem. The city was swollen with travelers, having all arrived to take part in the Roman census. Surely, traveling with a woman in the advanced stages of pregnancy could not have been quick. They likely arrived after many of the other travelers for this reason.

From the Scriptures, we can see that Joseph tried inn after inn, but found them all full. This did not discourage him as he kept on trying until he found a solution. Though it was not the solution they had likely hoped for, it did work, and we hear no record of complaint.

The fact that Jesus Christ was born in a stable provides beautiful contrast. Though He is King over all the earth, the beginnings of this mortal life are were humble, though so compassionate at the same time. If He came to earth in such a humble way, shouldn’t we as fallible human beings, learn to be humble?


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