Day 131: Nephi, Faithful Father


Nephi a person whose story is told in the Book of Mormon. He lived in ancient Jerusalem about 600 BC and took a journey with this family into the wilderness after God warned his father, Lehi, in a dream that they should flee.

The family spent the next eight years roaming the wilderness until they came to the ocean. They constructed a ship and sailed across the ocean to what is now Southern and Central America. There they established a new people that was divided into two groups: the Nephites, who were the descendants and followers of Nephi and the Lamanites, who were the descendants of followers of Nephi’s older brother Laman.

From what we can read of Nephi’s life, we can gathered that it was difficult one. He spent many years without a home and in those years his jealous older brothers constantly sought to do him harm or even to take his life. In one particularly grueling endeavor while they were crossing the sea, they tied him to the mast during the storm and left him to die.

A person in these circumstances might have grown bitter and hard, wanting to exact revenge on his tormentors and cursing the Almighty.

Instead, he forgave his brothers, married, and had children to whom he taught the ways of God. He founded a great city and built a temple to God there. He was so beloved of those who followed him that his people named all the leaders that came after him “Nephi”.

He might have easily turned out to be a horrible, abusive father, but instead became a righteous and industrious one. In our lives, we can take courage from Nephi, despite his circumstances, he became the better man. Despite his hardships, he trusted in God and passed his faith to his children.


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