Day 123: The Older I Get

The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get. ~Tim Russert

It is a wise man that knows just how little he knows. Unfortunately, this is not a lesson that many children learn early. It is also difficult for adults to remember how their brains functions when they were children. Without the experience and memories that living longer will give to a person, a child might see an adult’s advice as foolish. It could be easy for children to see their parents as out of touch while parents wonder how children can consider themselves in touch.

If your children display these attitudes, do not despair. This quote is a true one. The older that your children get, the more experience they have, the more memories they make, the good advice that you gave them growing up, will slowly make more sense. In order to help speed up the process, it is a good idea to give your child as many glances into the realities of adulthood as possible. Explain your monthly bills and expenditures to them. Talk to them about the realities of holding a job, and even encourage them to take employment when available.

You can also be helpful to tell them applicable stories from your childhood. You kept a journal or some other record, you might share some of these experiences with them, to illustrate that you too really did experience some of the same struggles that they are now experiencing. For all the times change, the basic human struggles remain the same. Everyone feels lonely, frustrated, depressed at times. What might have been something hurtful someone said to you in person, might be today’s hurtful Facebook message. Though the method of delivery is different, the bad experience remains the same.

You can use these experiences to link generations and build bridges of understanding between you and your children, so that they might just see a little earlier but you are in fact smart.


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