Day 118: Replacing Selfish with Selfless

How much a difference there is between ‘selfish’ and ‘selfless’. It’s easy to get the two words mixed up. When you take your marriage vows it is a paradigm shift that needs to be made.

Before you are married, it is easy to make all of your decisions based on what is best for you. Once married, you now need to figure the good of your wife and children into your decisions, which means that you will likely need to change your focus.

Before you attempt to check off the next thing on your To-Do list, pause and think if there is anything you can do first to help meet your wife’s wants and needs. Is there a household task that needs done? Do the children need care? Is there a project around the home that you can work on?

The great thing about marriage, is that when you invest in it, it can return great rewards.  Cultivating the habit of selflessness both helps those whom you serve, and yourself, as it strengthens your relationship with the person who should be the most important one in the world.

Question: What can I do to live more selflessly?


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