Day 111: Away Cleaning

When my wife is away, I try to hold to the rule that when she comes back, the house will be a little bit cleaner than when she left. I don’t always succeed in this, but it’s what I strive toward.

Even if I’m busy, my wife usually calls me when she’s on her way home and I’m at home. This gives me a few minutes to really straighten up the things look a little better than when she left.

Generally, the amount that I clean is proportional to the time that she is way. It is just a quick trip to store, I usually only have time to pick up a few things. If she’s gone for the whole day, however, I make it a point to do something major like making the kitchen all in order, or getting all of the vacuuming and dusting done.


If it is one of the few times my wife has been away over a weekend, I try to make sure that the whole house looks pretty good what you gets home.

I don’t think it isn’t important exactly how much clean, but that you make the effort, you show thoughtfulness. If you do this consistently, it also will become second nature and will be an excellent way for you to support your wife.


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