Day 110: Muhammad Ali

When and where did they live?  He was born in Louisville, Kentucky on Jan 17th, 1942, and is still living as of this post. He was born Cassius Clay, and changed his name after becoming a Muslim.


What are they the father of? Why is he famous?  Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous professional boxers in the sport. He was the three-time heavyweight champion of the world. He was also an advocate for religious freedom and equal rights outside of the ring.


How many children did they have?  Did they follow in their father’s footsteps?


Muhammad had nine children, but he did not want them to go into boxing, because he knew the high risks that came with it, including his Parkinson’s disease, which was likely made much worse because of his boxing career.  One of his daughters, Lailia, did box for about eight years, but afterwards put the sport aside to raise a family of her own.


What can we learn from them?

It is not always desirable to follow in your father’s footsteps. You can, however, learn from him and choose to follow a different path that might give better results for you.




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