Day 107: The Great Shaving Creme Fight

During the summer, the uses for the trampoline out back were endless. Not only would we use them to have bouncing sprinkler time, but we often try other diversions.


One of these will be forever etched in my memory as a highlight of my childhood. We had a shaving cream fight. My dad went to the store and bought a bulk bunch of cheap shaving cream and gave one to each of us kids. Then we got on the trampoline and let loose, covering others with as much shaving cream as possible. None of us were old enough to shave yet, so this is especially fun actually to use the stuff in a way that we had always been tempted to do.

After making a foamy mess all over the place, the cleanup was exceptionally easy. Shaving cream is so water-soluble that the only thing we had to do was hose everyone off the garden hose and spray the trampoline for a while. Then, there was barely a trace that anything ever been there.


As an extra bonus, we all smelled extra good after that.


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