Day 102: As I Set My Lips, All Lips Will Be Set


I noticed as soon as I opened the door that the fellow was surly and with a frown just as black as the one he wore, I angrily told him to go. I hadn’t the slightest intention to be as surly, uncivil and hateful is he, but that is the trick, which he played upon me.

Another chap came to my doorstep that day, a twinkle he had in his eye. With a smile on his face he began in a way that prompted a gentle reply. Though a stranger he was I was happy to be as kindly, good-natured and civil as he. But that is the trick, which he played upon me.

As fathers, our children look to us for leadership and guidance. We can set the entire tone for the family with the attitude we bring when we walk in the door. I know that it is extremely difficult some days to walk in after a long day of work and not be grumpy. Being cheerful takes energy, and being grumpy takes little. Your wife and children are, however our investment. What you give to them in terms of your attitude, you will receive in return. So next time you’re tempted to bring the gloomy attitude and your home, remember this one trick you must forget.


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