Day 92: Children are an Heritage of the Lord


Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

-Psalms 127:3

It is sometimes difficult for me to turn on the news these days. When I do so, I see stories about children who’ve been harmed, neglected, or even killed. It saddens me deeply that some people are choosing to not let their children be born at all.

One of my own children is from a group of people that many choose to abort. If we had found out about his Down Syndrome before he was born, however, we would not have even considered it.

We see our son for what he is: a treasure, a gift and a heritage from the Lord. We have had many difficulties raising him and he has had some medical problems, but I feel we’ve been strengthened and blessed in order to deal with these. The sweet and loving spirit that he brings to our home far outweighs any trouble we have to go to care for him.

Every child, no matter his or her circumstances deserves to be loved and treasured for the heritage they are.


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