Day 90: Supporting Your Wife Through Pregnancy


How to Support your Wife during Pregnancy

When expecting a baby, it’s easy for men to feel a bit helpless. After all, the woman is the one who’s going through the physical and hormonal changes at this point. But, bringing a baby into this world is a team effort, and there are plenty of things a dad-to-be can do to support his spouse along the way.

Even if it seems like you’re never quite able to alleviate some of the burden, often just being there to listen can go a long way. The name of the game is really to just be reassuring in every sense of the word. Follow these tips to really enjoy the pregnancy together.

It’s not About You

Well, maybe it is. It’s about you putting yourself aside and really focusing on making this a positive experience. We’re not all the best husbands in the world- we have needs and gripes and bad moods like anyone else. But, if there’s ever been the right time to be that rock she can depend on, this is it.

While you’re at it, go the extra mile! You can’t lose with flowers, gifts or little surprises. But sometimes even just cleaning the bathroom unasked can put a smile on her face.

It’s important to keep yourself in a good head space in order to deal with the ups and downs of pregnancy. So if you need, say, an hour at the gym or time to relax with a good book, by all means do it. Just be sure your spouse is taken care of, and understands that you are taking this time to be a better husband.

Attend Doctor Visits

Those monthly (later weekly) check-ups are one of the best ways to be there for your wife and experience the joy of expecting a baby. Make the time to accompany her, even if it means taking an hour or two off work.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s extra important for pregnant women to eat well and practice light exercise, but this can be hard to do if she has a less-than-encouraging partner. Go for walks together and enjoy shopping for and preparing healthy meals. Sure this might sacrificing the game on TV once in a while, but the rewards will be ten-fold.

­­­­On the subject of food, she might have strong cravings or aversions to certain foods. Help out with this- if she needs a pint of ice cream at 10pm, you’re the man. If she can’t stand the smell of eggs, don’t whip up an omelette and pig out in front of her. These things will pass with time.

Make her Feel Beautiful

That growing waistline is enough to affect even the most confident woman’s self esteem. Let her know that she’s still the prettiest girl around whenever you get a chance. Expect changes in intimacy and just be there to cuddle when she feels like it.



Learn about What’s Going On

It pays to have at least rudimentary knowledge of what she’s going through. Pick up her copy of What to Expect When you’re Expecting (or log on to the website) and skip to the month of pregnancy she’s going through now. You may even find that the information helps put some of your own fears to rest.

Be Generous

-With your time, with your foot rubs, with your understanding ears to listen to all of her worries, etc. You are in this together. Take part in shopping for baby, show up to the baby shower if she asks you to. These are all ways for you to cherish this time as well.

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