Day 86: ‘Twas the Night Before School


One thing we try to do in my family is to make the night before school starts a big deal. The night before, we gather our children and place a few new school prizes in their backpacks.

They typically get new pajamas to wear the night before, new clothing to wear the first day of school and a new book to start the school year. In our faith, we practice the practice of giving father’s blessings. The father’s blessing, I as a father lay my hands on the head of each of our children and say a special kind of prayer. This helps give them counsel and support for the upcoming school year.

We have also made it a tradition to take a picture of each of the children as they head out for school on their first day. Traditions like these make it easier to make the transition from the last days of summer into the long days in the classroom.


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