Day 79: No-Bake, No Hassel


One of my favorite things to do with my parents growing up was making dessert. Both my mom and dad were comfortable in the kitchen and creative to boot. One of our favorites was no bake cookies. As the name suggests, these cookies don’t require you to turn on the oven, and were especially nice during the summer when turning on the oven meant heating up the house.

The idea behind no-bake cookies is that they’re created of ingredients that are sticky enough to hold together and then are usually put in the fridge or freezer in order to harden them up. They don’t contain any eggs or anything else that would be questionable to eat raw.

There are many kinds of no bake cookies. Many of them involve chocolate, peanut butter, or different kinds of baking chips. Since they don’t have to spend any time in the oven, they’re also very easy to whip up quickly, though you get better results if they have more time to cool.

Try one of the following recipes (or adapt them) and let your kids join in on the fun both in the preparation and in making those cookies disappear.


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