Day 74: Easy to Be King


“It is very easy to be a military strategist, a mercenary, or a king, but much harder to be a father.”
― Nadia ScrievaTides of Tranquility

I have done things in my life for which I had received welcome attention. I’ve been on stage for thousands of people at a time, and had people come ask me to autograph my books. Getting to this point took a lot of work, but they pale in comparison to my ongoing efforts at become a better father.

While both my writing and singing have brought me great satisfaction, it is nothing like the satisfaction I feel seeing my children grow and progress and feeling the genuine love they return to me every day.

Being a good day takes a lot of work, over a long period of time. People might like a book I’ve written and stay with it for a while, or clap and cheer at the end of a concert, but my work as a father will shape the lives of my children for the rest of their lives for good or ill, and then shape what kind of parents they will be.

Question:  Does being a father bring you satisfaction? Why or why not? What can you do to increase your satisfaction with fatherhood?


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