Day 69: Room Service at Home


One of the things that I grew up seeing my father do was surprising my mother periodically with breakfast in bed. Admittedly, most of these fell on days that she was being recognized, such as Mother’s Day, their anniversary, or her birthday. But sometimes he did it just because.

I was raised in a family of eight children and though we weren’t exactly poor, there wasn’t all that much money to spare on lavish things. Getting breakfast in bed just made you feel like you were doing something out of the ordinary, a little fancier like getting room service delivered at a hotel. It shows planning and forethought, and usually entails sacrificing a little bit of sleep so that you can get up early enough to prepare the meal.

When my dad did breakfast, it wasn’t just plain toast and a bowl of cereal either. He’d make his famous sourdough pancakes with buttermilk syrup and serve them with scrambled eggs and bacon, and some kind of juice. Other times he would bring donuts and milk, anything that my mother enjoyed.

As we got older, he invited us to help him prepare the meal for mother. We’d get up early and sneak around softly so that she wouldn’t wake up. He would let each of us put a different elements of the meal on the tray and another one of us would carry the tray to her room. If it was her birthday, we would come into the room together and sing her Happy Birthday while we handed her the tray with the food.

These were wonderful memories and breakfast in bed is an excellent way that you can help your kids recognize their mother’s special days. And maybe once in a while just because.


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