Day 65: Camping Out Close to Home


You don’t have to travel far to have a great camping experience with your kids.  Though it is fun to have the entire wilderness experience, this can be difficult, especially if you have young children.

The fun part though, is if you make the pledge to pack up and agree not to go back into the house unless there is a major emergency. Bring all of the food that you will need, all the entertainment, the sleeping bags, the camp stove, the tent, the flashlights, etc.

If you don’t have a firepit in your back yard, you might not want to alarm you neighbors by having a bonfire. Camp stoves or grills work just as well for making s’mores, foil dinners or hot dogs.  Don’t forget the bug spray, depending on where you live so that you don’t end up with a few battle scars.

The only thing you shouldn’t bring are electronics. Turn off your phone, leave the iPhone behind, and unplug for a little while. Enjoy the time together and use your imagination.

Be sure to bring some stories to tell by flashlight and if nothing else, take the chance to look at the stars.

Here are some tutorials to help you make the camping experience the best it can be:

Making S’mores:

Making Foil Dinners:

How to Pitch a Tent:

Campfire stories:

Question: What would you do with your kids on a campout?


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