Day 61: Joseph, One of a Kind Father


Joseph, husband to Mary, Mother of Jesus fulfilled a unique role as a father in human history. The first son born to his wife was not his own, but the Son of God. Joseph, however, served as Jesus’ earthly foster father, a role, which must have been a daunting responsibility.

Though little is known about Joseph, the Bible does call him a righteous man, who took tender care of his wife and child. He was willing to do whatever he needed to when God called on him. He trusted God to take Mary as his wife, even though she was already with child, which could have been disastrous for both of them under the laws of the society of the time. When God warned him to take his family and flee in Egypt to protect them from the jealous King Herod, Joseph obeyed right away.

From Joseph’s actions, it can also be inferred that he was devout and taught his family their faith. Truly, Joseph must have been a remarkable man for God to trust His own Son to his care.

Question: What can I do to follow Joseph’s example as a father? 


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