Day 58: Passing Down Music


Like it or not, I grew up liking a lot of the music that my parents listened to. My mother loved musicals, and would play the tracks for us, while telling us the plot of the musicals so that we grew to love them even before we saw them on stage.

As an adult, I love the music of James Taylor, because my mother listened to it while I was growing up. This fall, I will have the chance to actually perform with him in Salt Lake City with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

I now share my favorite kinds of music with my sons, and they have taken to it completely. It has been a way to bond with my sons and feel like I am passing something on to them. My oldest loves choral music so much now that he recently sat through a 90 minute concert with barely a peep, because he was so in to the music.

Sharing your music is easier than ever. Not only can you download music digitally to your phone or computer through sites like and iTunes, but there are now digital music services like Pandora or Spotify that allow you access to a wide library of music for free.

It’s even more fun if you dance around with your kids to upbeat music. I remember that we’d all lie around the living room and my parents would put on “Comin’ to America” by Neil Diamond that starts out really slowly. During the slow part, we would all gradually stand up and when the fast section came, all of us kids would dance around the room until the song was done.  Good memories.

Question: How could you share your favorite kinds of music with your kids?


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