Day 57: Encouraging Your Children

2013-01-08 18.13.36

Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.

Colossians 3:21 ESV

As adults, it is sometimes hard to remember how frustrating it could be to be a kid.  It is hard to remember how your mind worked as a child, and from an adult perspective, children’s decisions can seem incomprehensible.

Hounding your child and putting them down for their mistakes, even though they may seem foolish is counterproductive. The world will inevitably put them down as they grow up. People at work, at school, and other places will tell them that they are not good enough or that they don’t belong. As a father, yours should be a voice of encouragement that helps guide them through mistakes in a way that keeps their self esteem and their motivation intact.

Teaching me to drive must have seemed like a near-death experience for my father. Especially at the beginning, I just wasn’t catching on, and in one infamous incident, mistook the gas pedal for the brakes and nearly rammed into an oncoming car. Instead of berating me for my dangerous mistake, my father reassured me and didn’t give up on me. I’m happy to say that I have a clean driving record to this day.

Question: What can I do to be encouraging to my children?


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