Day 54: King David’s Good and Bad Example

King David’s story is one that shows us both what to do and what not to do as fathers. When King David relied on God’s help and kept His commandments, he was able to do remarkable things. He took on Goliath, a massive warrior that none of the king’s seasoned soldiers would fight, and slew him with only a sling.

After this event, David’s statue grew in the sight of his countrymen and he was eventually made King of Israel. As his power and prestige grew, however, Kind David began to forget the source of his strength and instead began to rely on himself.

While he was alone on his roof one night, when he should have been out leading his soldiers in battle, he saw a woman bathing. He desired her so much that he pursued her, even though he was the wife of one of his soldiers.

King David made sure that the woman’s husband was sent to the front lines where he would be killed and then lay with her. Because of these wicked actions, Kind David fell from God’s grace, and the rest of his days were fraught with death and sorrow.

Though his story is sad, King David provides us with a sharp contrast of how a person’s life can be different with and without relying on God.

Question: What part of King David’s life am I most like? Do I ever let my selfish wants come before my family or doing what is right? 

Learn more about King David …


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