Day 41: Your Wife’s Goals and Interests


Every marriage is different, but many of them have husbands who are more “visible” to the world. Many husbands have the visible careers and other pursuits that bring them attention.

In my case, I do a lot of performing, both in a large choir that is televised every week and on local stages. It can hard for my wife sometimes when I get the spotlight, while her wonderful efforts to raise our children go unnoticed by many. (But are very appreciated by me.)

It is important to remember to allow your wife every chance to pursue her own interests and goals. Depending on your situation, this might require you to make some personal sacrifices to make this happen. For example, this year, instead of taking part in a local theater, I am watching my kids so that my wife, who also loves the stage, can take part in a show while I support her. That is the least that I can do in order thank her for all that she does.

Maybe your wife likes to write, to paint, to sew, to write or play music, to play on a local sports team, or any number of other pursuits. She is going to need your support to make time for her to pursue her interests. This will pay big dividends in the quality of your marriage.

Question: What can I do so that I make sure my wife can pursue her goals and interests?


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