Day 39: Beyond an Enchanter’s Skill



“…alas, raising a young lady is a mystery even beyond an enchanter’s skill.”
― Lloyd AlexanderThe Castle of Llyr

Though I don’t have any daughters of my own yet, I grew up with four little sisters.

They were each sweat little girls, but every one was a firebrand. You didn’t mess with them or anyone they cared about. They cared about things like clothes, shoes and doing their hair, and all I wondered is why they were spending so much time in the bathroom before school.

After my third sister was born, we found out how much she valued personal space. Anyone who got too close left with scratches. My friends at school asked me a few times if I had a cat, and I would respond “No, but I do have a baby sister.”

You might think a girl like that would grow up to be a real wild child. Today, however, she is one of the level-headed, kind , studious and smart people I know. She just got accepted to a university on a scholarship and is an incredible pianist.

You can never quite tell how kids are going to turn out, and as father’s it can be hard to fathom a little girl’s mind. It’s hard enough figuring out her mothers’! You may not understand the hair, or the shoes, or some of the traumatic emotional episodes they go through, and you don’t necessarily need to know anything. The best thing you can do as a dad is to show them how men should respect women by the way you treat her mother and the way you treat them.

Question: What can I do to show my daughters or future daughters respect?


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