Day 37: Play it Again…


I remember the wonder on a Christmas morning when my brothers and I unwrapped a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It felt having an arcade in our living room.

Video games these days that I played on that system now run on my phone and the cutting edge games look more like movies. There is still something charming about those old games that many of the new games do not capture in my eyes.

One fun bonding thing I like to do with my son is replay some of those old games that I grew up on: the old Super Mario and Zelda games in particular.  These games were often simpler to learn and play than many current titles and so it is easier to play them with my children, and relive my own childhood at the same time.

What’s great is that you don’t necessarily need to dust off a retro system from the attic. In my case, my current system has the option of purchasing retro games and downloading them directly onto the system’s hard drive. The new system doesn’t require quite so much cajoling to work properly.


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