Day 23: Storytime with Style

Storytime is a tradition with me and my kids, and it’s a kind of ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ situation. Reading to your kids is not only a great way to spend time together, but it is a way to foster their imaginations and their love of reading.  Your kids are not going to judge you or make fun of you, so why not give it your all?

Come up with goofy voices, even if they don’t sound just right. Add funny facial expressions and actions. Really get into the story. Your kids will pick up on those cues and dive in themselves.

One fun development in storytime is the advent of digital storybooks. Not only can these interactive stories be downloaded as apps onto devices like iPads and Android phones. Some of these have the option of recording yourself reading the story, so that you child will always have your voice on there. 

There are other websites that allow you to read children’s books online. Here are a few suggestions:


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