Day 20: Reasons Why I Love You

A few years ago, I started a tradition with my wife. I took her age (which I won’t reveal), and wrote that number at the top, followed by “…reasons that I love you.”  I then sat down at my word processor, and thought of that many reasons that I love her.

I made sure to mix it up and talked about many aspects of her appearance and personality, from the big things like supporting my many musical pursuits, to little things, like the freckles on her face.

Ever year, I start anew, and add one more reason that she can keep to remind herself throughout the year. Here’s hoping that she lives to be 100, because that would be awesome to put that many things together.

The list also works well for me as a reminder on more difficult days about all the things I appreciate about her and all that she does for me.

Question: If you made a list about your spouse, what would you say about her? What are the big things and the little things that you appreciate about her?


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