Day 17: Mixing Formula


Many parents prefer to breastfeed, and it if it is an option, it is one that you should consider. Breastmilk is the healthiest option, but by no means the only one. With my second son, he had feeding issues and could not breastfeed.

If you do opt for formula, it does provide a way for you to be extra supportive as a father, because the baby can be fed by either father or mother.  There are several things you need to know when buying formula:

  1. There are different brands. Typically, when you walk into a store, you will have the option of Carnation, Similac and the store brand. If you baby is not doing well on one brand, you might switch it up.
  2. There are liquid and powdered varieties. What kind you get is a personal preference, as they are both usually mixed with water.
  3. There are different kinds of formula for babies with different kinds of allergies. Some babies have milk allergies and need to use a soy-based formula instead.

Many babies like their formula warm and it is best to add formula to a bottle, measure and heat the water and then add it to the bottle. If your baby is experiencing more spit-up than usual or has excess gas, it can mean they are having a negative reaction to their formula. You might need to switch to a different kind.

Always read the label and mix the formula to the recommended proportion unless otherwise instructed by your child’s pediatrician.

Check out the following tutorials for more information:


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