Day 15:The Pillar of the Family


“Since human fatherhood, as a reflection of the Fatherhood of God, was designed to be the pillar of the family, the disappearance of esteem for fatherhood has led to the collapse of that pillar and to the disintegration of the family.”
― Joseph A. CirrincioneSt. Joseph, Fatima and Fatherhood

There are so many distractions from fatherhood in our modern world. Unsure economic climates provide increasing pressure on men who provide for their families to throw themselves into their work. At times, I have worked multiple jobs just to make sure we had enough to buy food and pay rent. When I was in college, I worked a graveyard shift and then went to school full time so that I barely had any time remaining.  I only had brief moments with my young son.

Providing for your family is a noble thing, but being a provider is more than just bringing home a paycheck. Your family has emotional needs as well, needs that can be best fulfilled by a father and a mother working together. I found that even though I was tired, and wanted to either sleep or play video games, I needed to make it a priority to take the little time I had and spend it wisely. I looked for little times to play with my son, to do an extra feeding, or even to get up with him in the middle of the night on weekends. Even if you don’t have a large quantity of time, you can make it high quality time.

Question: What can I do to find additional quality time with my kids even if it is short?


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