Day 14: Twelve Tests to See If You’re Ready to Be a Parent


I know that before I became a father, I didn’t know if I was ready to be one.  I did have the advantage of having been raised as the oldest of eight children, and so having young children around wasn’t a completely foreign concept. I had changed diapers, dressed and fed children, and had logged many hours of tending them growing up.

Then again, I always had the safety net of my parents. Now, this child was going to be my own. The buck would stop with me.

I found this lighthearted site the other day that helps you realize whether or not you are ready to put up with the ups and downs of parenthood.

Follow the link and see what you’re in for:

Question: How many do you think you can handle? These are only the first steps… What tests would you add to these?


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