Day 13: There’s a Coupon for That


For my last birthday, my wife came up with an amazing idea. After she had given me all the rest of presents, she handed me a coupon booklet that she had created for me.

This wasn’t your typical collection of clippings that save you 65 cents on cereal or gets you 2 for 1 peanut butter.

Instead she gave me a whole coupon book full of nice things that she would do for me. For example:

Redeemable for your favorite home-cooked meal of your choice.

Redeemable for a free Saturday where you can go out and do whatever you want.

Redeemable for a free day of sleeping in.

And many more. She got very creative and I can tell you, I love just knowing that I have them. It is a gift of giving of herself, rather than a new tie that I’ll probably spill BBQ sauce  on, or a computer game I’ll play for a few weeks and then complete.

Question: What sort of things could you give your spouse that would be meaningful to her?


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