Day 11: Top 10 Ways to Get Your Child to Help with a Household Project

If your kids are like my kids, you spend much of your parenting energy being a motivational speaker. Why not try some of the following tactics?

  • 10. Scatter gummy bears on the floor nearby.
  • 9.   Unpack your old ukulele and make up a ‘good helper’ song.
  • 8.   “If you don’t, Mommy and I will start smooching in front of you.”
  • 7.   Post embarrassing pictures of them on the family web site until the work is finished.
  • 6.   Tell them it involves paint … and a shovel.
  • 5.   Turn up the music WAY LOUD.
  • 4.   Promise not to rub their toys under your arm pits.
  • 3.   Remind them about the ancient proverb: “Thou that helpest will not incur the wrath of revelation, nor grow the spines of itchiness upon thy back.”
  • 2.   Perform your trusty tap dance routine.
  • 1.   Shameless bribery.


Question: What other methods do you use to encourage your children to help out around the house? It is very easy to resort to yelling or becoming frustrated, but with a little imagination, you can find other ways to motivate your kids.


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