Day 10: Changing a Disposable Diaper


Changing diapers is just a fact of fatherhood. It’s not a pretty thing, but bear in mind, it’s kind of like paying your debt to society—somebody did it for you. It is also a labor of love. You are doing something for someone who really can’t do it for themselves.

All babies are a little different. Some will contentedly sit in a dirty diaper for hours, while others will wail at the first sign of wetness. Part of staying sane is figuring out your baby’s rhythms.

To avoid mess and additional comfort for your baby, don’t let them stay in there too long. A diaper can only take so much, and leaving a baby in a single diaper too long can cause a painful diaper rash.

Diapers come in various sizes that don’t follow the other sizes for baby clothes. They start with “premie”, which will only be worn by very small babies. Most will start with “newborn” and then 1-6. The best way to figure out is to look at the suggested weights on the diaper box.

You’ll want to experiment with different brands of diapers to find out what gives you the best balance between fit, dryness and price.

Need more info? Check out these tutorials. runs a program called “Amazon Mom” (you can think of it as “Amazon Dad” if you like) , which is a subscription service that lets you save 20% on diapers and wipes with free two-day shipping. Find out more about it here:


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