Day 8: “Abba-Dear Father”


“Abba is not Hebrew, the language of liturgy, but Aramaic, the language of home and everyday life … We need to be wary of the suggestion … that the correct translation of Abba is ‘Daddy.’ Abba is the intimate word of a family circle where that obedient reverence was at the heart of the relationship, whereas Daddy is the familiar word of a family circle from which all thoughts of reverence and obedience have largely disappeared … The best English translation of Abba is simply ‘Dear Father.”

― Thomas A. SmailThe Forgotten Father 

Everything in the life of Jesus Christ was meant to serve as an example to us. As such, the relationship between Jesus and His Father should serve as an example of the relationship between a father and son.  It is vital to realize that Jesus had the “obedient reverence” for His Father based on mutual trust, respect, and love. In short, His Father was worthy of respect.

How wonderful it would be if each of your children would think of you as “Dear Father”.  It is something that will not come without effort—you will have to live in a way worthy of your children’s respect.

Question: How do I need to change my life in order to be worthy of the respect of my children?


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