Day 7: iDad


Dealing with the level of technology we do today is not something generations before us faced to such an overwhelming degree. What might have seemed like Star Trek technology 20 years ago is readily accessible today. Captain Kirk could only wish he had an iPhone!

Technology can be a great thing, even in parenting. My children especially love to use my iPhone to take pictures and then look at them afterwards. They pose doing something funny and then I snap a picture of them and vice versa. There are all sorts of educational games and interactive storybooks for smart phones that can be used to facilitate time with your children.

Contrary to how it may seem, the human brain can only truly concentrate on one thing at once. If you are checking your email, getting an update on sport scores, or updating your status, you can’t really pay attention to your kids. I’m not saying that you should all throw your phones down the nearest storm drain, but each of us needs to be vigilant.

I make it a point to set aside a time, for me, right after work, in which I turn my phone off and concentrate completely on my children. I let them tell me what they want to do, and fully invest my time in them. My kids are so entertaining most days, they put any app to shame.


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