Day 6: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

“The best gift you can give to your kids is a happy marriage.”
― Ricky Shetty

At first glance, it might seem strange to include a category about becoming a better spouse on a blog about fatherhood.  If you look at it in light of the quote above, it beings to make more sense.

First, treating your spouse kindly will create a positive atmosphere in your home, which your children will pick up on. That supportive atmosphere will make your home feel like a haven, instead of a continuation of all the challenges they have to face out in the world.

Second, your children are always watching you and learning from your behavior. I think it’s pretty funny when my young son says something in just the way that I do. It also scares me to death. I don’t have a choice, but to be an example to my children, and many aspects of their personalities from the way they talk to the way they treat other people will be influenced how they see me treating my wife.

Finally, if you treat your spouse kindly, she more likely to treat your children more kindly as well. How many times do we take out our frustrations with someone or something else on a loved one? They all deserve better than that.

Every Friday will feature a post about being a better spouse, so that you can make these goals a reality.

Question: What other fatherhood advantages could you get from improving your marriage?


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