Day 5: Adam, the First Father

When talking about famous fathers, it makes sense to start with the first father: Adam. He followed the example of His Father, our Heavenly Father, who let Adam discover the consequences of choosing between right from wrong.

Adam did shy away from the results of his actions when he disobeyed his father. For being cast out of paradise, Adam could have turned against God and  taught his family to do the same. Instead, he took his wife and forged a new life outside of the Garden of Eden. They tilled the ground by the sweat of their faces, working for their own food and their support. They raised a large family, and had to bind together to face terrible challenges in their lives.

Even those who have wonderful parents sometimes stray. Adam and Eve had to deal with the fact at their son Cain murdered their son Abel in a fit of jealous rage.  Adam, however, did not give up on fatherhood, but kept up his efforts to raise a righteous family.

We can pattern our lives after Adam, working hard to support our family, raising our children the best we can, and owning up to the consequences when we do something wrong.

Question: What can I do to pattern my life after Adam’s good example?

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