Day 2: FHE


Every Monday night growing up was FHE.  Though it might be amazing to try to guess what those letters stand for, I’ll just tell you.

Family Home Evening.

It is something encouraged by my faith, and the concept is simple: every Monday night, week in and week out is blocked out for the family. It isn’t so important what is done on FHE, just that it is done together.

We came up with a little program we did on FHE, that consisted of a song, a prayer, a lesson, an activity, and a treat. We created a chart and switched off responsibilities from week to week. Other weeks, we used the time for a family activity outside the house, like enjoying a movie, going bowling, or having a picnic.

The great thing about FHE is that it worked with my family. I have seven siblings, and I’m still close to all of them, and have a great relationship with my parents. FHE is something that I’m continuing with my family.

Question: Could your family benefit from having a weekly FHE?

For some ideas, check out these sites:



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