Day 1: The Most Important Work



To me, this is the first thing that all dads, new dads and old dads, need to know. I take part in many pursuits: my career, my musical endeavors, my writing and others.  I find myself consistently frustrated by the lack of time to make progress in these things, and it is easy to lose focus on what is truly important.

My career and my hobbies are not forever. Careers come and go, as do hobbies. Families are forever. The kind of people my children grow up to be impacts others for generations to come. It is my responsibly to pass on the wholesome traditions of my family to them and to help break destructive cycles. Someday, they will have families of their own, which will curse of bless me for how I raised my children.

Of course, parenting is not the only factor in how children turn out, but even if they do stray, won’t it be better to be able to look back and say that you did everything you could? Raising them right is truly the most important thing you can do with your time.

Question: What are things that you do in order to make your kids a priority?  Sit down and look at how you spend your discretionary time.  What is one step you could take today to devote more time to your kids?


One thought on “Day 1: The Most Important Work

  1. Beautifully said. It’s easy to get pulled away by other things, forgetting that our moment with our children are limited. They won’t stay young forever. It’s important to grab those moments and while we can.

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